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The Four ‘E’s Of Moteeeevation

By Krupa B - April 26, 2019

What motivates you? …To get out of bed in the morning? …To go to work? …To make dinner? …To pursue your dreams? Do lots of things come to your mind or just a few?

The elusive thing about motivation is that it isn’t something you can do. Rather, it is a type of process that allows us to initiate, pursue and achieve goal-oriented behaviors. According to behavioral psychology specialist Kendra Cherry, “Motivation involves biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior.” In other words, motivation is what causes us to act, but it is not the action itself. It is the why, not the what. It also is what helps us to keep on going once we’ve started. “Nevertheless, she persisted…” Because she first was motivated!

OK, so then how does one get motivated in the first place?

This is where the Four ‘E’s of Motivation come in: encouragement, excitement, energy, and eccentricity. Each one plays a critical role in you how you can get—and stay—motivated on your journey. Follow along as I walk you through each one below!

Encouragement is something we receive from someone or something outside of ourselves that offers assistance or generates confidence in such a way that we feel spurred on toward our goals. Can you think of anything or anyone in your life who has this sort of effect on you? Keep in mind that the opposite of encouragement is discouragement, wherein the body feels deprived of this assistance and this confidence in such a way that we feel obstructed from our goals. Pay attention to the people, places or things in your life that make you feel discouraged rather than encouraged and work to surround yourself with only that which brings you positivity and light.

In my own life I feel encouraged by the people who are closest to me—my family, my clients, my community. When I spend time with my husband and my kids, they make me feel like I can be brave. I feel motivated to do courageous things… Like start my own business! I wouldn’t be sharing my gifts with you today if it weren’t for their relentless love and support. When I see a client make lasting life changes and really take my coaching to heart, I feel motivated to continue the work that I do. When I spend time in my community and make meaningful connections with my neighbors, I feel motivated to continue putting myself out there and loving others with my whole heart.

As someone who is very sensitive to energy, I am ever mindful of maintaining positive, life-giving relationships. It’s the only way I can help others cope with the difficult energy of their own!


Excitement and motivation basically go hand-in-hand. If you don’t feel excited by something, then you’re probably not going to feel very motivated to do it. The quickest way to find your motivation is to focus on the things that spark those feelings of passion and adventure within you.

As a life coach, what excites me most is knowing that I have the potential to make a difference in a client’s life. I think of my work as like a gardener planting seeds or like a builder laying down a foundation. People come to me looking for a change in perspective. You do the work, but I help get things moving. I love being a source of encouragement and insight for other people and I get excited by the opportunity to guide someone off of whatever hamster wheel they’ve been running on for far too long and toward the path that leads to their wildest dreams instead.


You can’t feel motivated to do something if you simultaneously lack the energy to do it. Anything has the potential to be energizing, but we need to make sure we give ourselves the resources to pursue it. This is where self-care comes in. If you’re not caring for your mind, body and spirit, then any encouragement or excitement you may have gathered along the way won’t be sustainable for long. Your energy is your fuel: It helps you go! And even the most fuel-efficient vehicles can’t run on an empty tank. What helps you recharge? It could be as simple as taking a five-minute break to re-assess your emotions and take inventory of your needs and desires. Consider starting a mindfulness practice, journaling or taking a daily walk.

Something that energizes me the most in my life is music—fun, loud music with a lot of movement and high vibrations. I love music with lyrics that focus on positivity and encouragement. I find it so life-giving!


What I mean by eccentricity is a willingness to break the mold, to disrupt old patterns, to step outside the box, to be your most authentic self and celebrate all your wild and wonderful weirdness—All the stuff that makes you who you are! When you feed your eccentricity, you feed your creativity! I love being a rebel and challenging the status quo. After all, there’s nothing duller than doing exactly what’s expected of you. Allowing myself to share my own eccentricities with the world takes a lot of courage and positive self-talk on my part. There are moments when I am racked with self-doubt—(And let’s be honest, we all experience that sometimes)—But at the end of the day, I remember that every drop makes up the ocean. And the ocean needs every drop!

Feeling motivated yet? If you found this post encouraging, then you are already on your way! Happy motivating!

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