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Krupalini Balasubramanya (Krupa B) 

Krupalini is a spiritual entrepreneur and the DREAMER. She found a gap in the mental health industry which services only the tip of the pyramid of people who need help. The grass root level remain untouched, unaware and unsupported.

She has taken to the mission of reaching millions of people around the globe to get the awareness and the support that they require on a daily basis for a minimum cost.

She sets the vision for the company, manages our team, and makes sure all our backgrounds work together and in alignment to help support your mental health goals.

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Vineetkumar Ravi

Vineetkumar is a Technology solutions GURU & Entrepreneur, thought leader and seeker of the unknown with a mission of touching Billions of lives around the globe positively. As an advisor he contributes to Innovation and Product.








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Prof. Michelle Talley

Michelle Talley is a Licensed Clinical Social worker working her MAGIC with over 15 years of experience in providing high quality care and support to children and families experiencing trauma and loss.  Having a consistent track record of working successfully with individuals, families or groups, all within a variety of settings. An in depth understanding of how trauma and loss can affect one's daily functioning.  Extensive knowledge of social work principles, techniques and practices and their application to complex cases, group work, and community issues.   I am a trainer and have provided training to various social service agencies and universities.  An expertise in the area of providing clinical supervision to unlicensed social work professionals.