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Social Pods: Your Mental Health Support Group, Led by Certified Facilitators. 

Join any number of online live sessions, at your convenience & at a fraction of the cost.


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My Social Pods

Certified Facilitator Led Online Mental Health Support Groups available on your mobile device

Facilitator + Suport Group = Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit!
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How we can help you

With decades of combined experience, our facilitators will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your mental Health, so that you can heal quickly and shoot for the stars. Connect with others and co-create a valuable change with Certified facilitator lead Pods.

Access care from anywhere from your mobile device.
1 week of free Trial and $25 per week - one tenth the cost of a normal 1 hour Therapy Session. And you can access any number of pods/sessions in a week.

Proven to Help or Money back

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24 Hour Service

We know that your needs don't stop when office hours are over. Using our help line and our email service, you can get a message to your support team when it is convenient for you right from your mobile device.

Discrete Support Groups
(HIPPA compliant)

Our team will support you in building a better you keeping your privacy in mind when it comes to group interactions. No matter what your needs are, having a team support you will keep you on the path to meeting them. We work together to connect you with the services you need.

Curated Content that works

The facilitators have curated the programs that are proven to work and are backed by the latest research and implementation results in mental health and wellness. 

A Healthy Community

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of your community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world. 

Hello! I'm Krupa B.

Krupalini is a spiritual entrepreneur. She found a gap in the mental health industry which services only the tip of the pyramid of people who need help. The grass root level remain untouched, unaware and unsupported.

She has taken to the mission of reaching millions of people around the globe to get the awareness and the support that they require on a daily basis for a minimum cost. 

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If you are ready to start your subscription with a 1 week free trial, join the active Pods/Sessions, which will ask you to fill out the subscription form, and Voila, you have taken the first step of your journey of exponential self-growth.

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